Personalized Beauty

Using B.LAB products has always been easy. Now B.LAB hair and skin care gives you newest ingredients developed through most advanced bio-technology. These powerful ingredients combined in holistic ways to tackle multiple reasons of skin disfunction not only provides the best solution for specific beauty concerns but also works for everyone. Designed for daily use, you will stay in control of your hair and skin at all times.

Works Naturally

With B.LAB, customers receive specially formulated solutions for their beauty concern. Each solution contain natural and powerful ingredients called Bio-Mimetics. They penetrate deep into the skin and work at a cellular and genetic level. By activating the body’s biological functions, bio-mimetics use the body’s own resources for healing and recovery.

Clinically Tested

Whether you are working, playing or relaxing, B.LAB formulations and treatments are designed intelligently to deliver results right from day 1. Each treatment has undergone tests at a cellular, dermatological and clinical level in a scientific way to ensure results with long term use. Thousands from consumers, doctors, beauty professionals are discovering B.LAB products as their long term choice.

Safety & Tolerance
Free of harmful chemicals

B.LAB products meet highest standards for safety. At B.LAB, safety comes before everything else. Our experts ensures each product uses the best in class ingredient from reputed sources. Now you have assurance of products free from known harmful chemicals such as waxes, triclosan, parabens, thalates, sulfates and hydroquinone. B.LAB products are well tolerated by different skin types and absorbed easily while maintaining skin's natural balance.