Salons, Spas and Skin Clinics

Our industry leading beauty solutions combine efficacy, safety and ease-of-use
to improve your return on investment.

B.LAB products enable hair and skin professionals to deliver beauty services their clients will love. These services are based on pristine products and optimized to show visible results quickly. Salons, Spas and Skin Clinics using B.LAB products enjoy improved client retention and brand loyalty.

Advanced Products
Uncommon solutions
for common beauty

When it comes to common beauty concerns such as hair loss, wrinkles,hyper-pigmentation or acne, consumers today demand results in the shortest time possible. B.LAB's products use latest bio-technologies such as Bio-Nano-Cellulose and Bio-peptides. These advanced ingredients make it easy for Service Providers to deliver outstanding results with little effort. With B.LAB, most advanced beauty treatments can be carried out in a chair in just under 30 minutes.

Global partnerships
The world’s experts in beauty
are also our partners.

To help give consumers the best experience with B.LAB products, we have partnered with like-minded innovators, dermatologists, engineers, technicians and importers across the world in professional beauty. Our partners ranging from Italy, Germany, UK, Poland, Korea, India and US bring expert knowledge, supply network and global and local know-how to help our professional customers offer the best in beauty to the world.

By Your Side
Everyone deserves
personalized beauty.

We never just sell a product; we sell a supportive service solution that empowers consumers to reach their goals. By leveraging our “Personal Consultancy” competence, Beauty Service Providers gain a unique position in the market that none of the competitors are targeting. We secure our own success by delivering a unique service that ensures our customers’ success.