B.LAB Hair Pro Treatments

The B.LAB Hair Pro Range is a unique kind of treatment designed for improving overall hair and scalp health. The products include specifically formulated serums, shampoos, cremes and nutritional supplements to tackle mild to moderate hair loss. The range is available both as professional treatments through premium salons and spas and accompanying home care.

Recommended for:

Thinning Hair | Excessive shedding | Brittle Hair | Color Treated Hair | Premature hair loss

B.LAB Beauty Boost Treatments

B.LAB’s new beauty wonder, Bio-Nano-Cellulose (BNC) is a new generation of bio-material carefully harvested from from beneficial probiotic bacteria, less than 100 nanometers in size or 20% smaller than skin pores. This gives them the ability to carry beneficial nutrients deeper than any other skin care. This unique approach stimulates skin’s various biological activities without needing massage or manual methods. BEAUTY BOOST Facial Treatments based on BNC mask nourish beauty, body and mind with minimal effort. Beauty Boost is a celebration of the power and essence of your natural healing.

Recommended for:

Ageing Signs | Hyper-pigmentation | Dry Skin | Oily & Acneic Skin | Post Dermatology Inflammation

B.LAB Supplements

The new range of beauty supplements offer consumers a new way to plug nutritional gaps. Specifically formulated for hair loss and dry skin, each supplement offers the latest and best in bio-available ingredients. Packed with ingredients such as biotin, amino acids, multi-vitamins and multi-minerals and advanced ingredients such as ceramosides, each supplement works with B.LAB topical beauty products to combat premature ageing signs in an holistic way.

Recommended for:

Hair health | Skin Moisturization | Premature Ageing signs